From The Desk of Director


Dr. S.K. Singh

Recipient of East-west Fellowship Award,
National Merit Fellowship Award,
I.C.S.S.R. Ph.D. Fellowship Award,
Former Sub-Editor, Mainstream Weekly Journal, President of Radical Humanist
Club – a Sister Organization of M. N. Roy’s Radical Humanist Association

  Dear aspirants,
Civil Services Examination syllabus / pattern has been changed recently, which refers to a change
both in terms of contents as well as approach. The new pattern requires a distinct approach of study
and new orientation being more focused to conceptual, perceptive, analytical, introspective and
comprehensive understanding of the issues / themes with deeper insight of the subject rather than
simply being factual or informative.
As of now, time is running out, hence the need is to look to shoot the moon by putting your shoulder
to the wheel. All that is needed is to push the ball into the goal. In the light of changed IAS syllabus /
pattern, you need to tread your ground carefully and meticulously and to chart your own course
sincerely based on appropriate and reliable guidance. As regard to your decision to choose optional
subject and your subsequent possible move to join coaching institution for G.S. and optional subject,
you must always be on guard. Be vigilant, and don’t leap on the back of a Shaky horse, otherwise
you will be walking into a minefield. Hence, first tap into your conscience and do a little bit of soul
searching, you will definitely find the answer. Well! The answer is and will be Perceptive School of
G.S. (Powered by Apex Foundation). Perceptive School is a vision being inculcated with intrinsic
force to harness the power within you.


IAS changed syllabus speaks the truth much louder than mouth

• Beware of misleading claims as regard to the changed IAS G.S. syllabus / pattern. The
Myth propagated by certain subject experts & Institutes with their false claims regarding
the so called increased scope of their respective subjects in the changed G.S. syllabus, is
misleading, erroneous, unfounded & non-substantive.
• An introspective, threadbare, topic-wise, perceptive analysis of the changed IAS G.S.
syllabus establishes that almost “2/3 (i.e. almost 625 marks out of 1000 G.S. marks) of
the total areas of G.S. under the new pattern are directly related to Political Science,
thereby substantiating the view that relevance of Political Science has increased the
• Moreover in Essay paper (i.e. 200 marks) & interview (i.e. 275 marks) also Political
Science is exceptionally helpful.
• Political Science being applied, contemporary, topical, conceptual, perceptive, scientific
& analytical in nature, fully meets the requirements of new IAS G.S. syllabus/pattern.
• Now a days, under the new G.S. pattern no other subject is so relevant and has multiple
spin offs.

Dr. S.K. Singh