Course Details & Guidance

The Academy imparts coaching exclusively in:
1. G.S.
2. Political Science
3. Essay &
4. Comprehensive Integrated Personality Development Programme (Interview)


   -Integrated Foundation Course Guidance Program ( 6 to 9 months Course)

   -Main(s) Guidance programme ( 3 to 5 months Course)

  -Prelim(s) Guidance Programme ( 3 months Course)

  -Prelim(s) Guidance Programme inlcuding CSAT (3 to 4 months duration)


  -Prelim(s) Guidance Programme (3 months Course)

  -Postal Study Material Programme

  -Distance Education Programme (Postal Study Material + Test Series Programme)

Integrated Foundation Course (IFC) Guidance Programme

Under this Integrated Foundation Course Guidance Programme (IFC) complete syllabus of Preliminary as well as Main(s) examination are covered thoroughly. Apart from these there is free of cost revision facility of complete syllabus. In fact Integrated Foundation Course fees is one time payment in the career of a candidate. Candidate can join our revision courses totally free of cost as long as they do not get through and become IAS, if any. Please note that this facility (free of cost revision) is not available to those candidates who wish to seek admission only for Prelim(s) or Main(s) course. Under this scheme basic objective is to develop integrated strong foundation of the candidates required for overall sound preparation for Preliminary as ell as Main(s) level of examinations.

Mode of Teaching under IFC
Integrated Foundation Course (IFC) study is covered under following two stages:

First Stage: Initially during the first stage our stress is more on comprehensive wide range detailed exhaustive study of the syllabus so as to evolve basic foundation of understanding with conceptual and analytical clarifications. With wide range of coverage of syllabus basic input required for overall preparation of the subject matter is germinated. Not to mention that half hearted causal or ad hoc approach of preparation for Civil Services Examination does not serve the purpose. Rather thorough understanding of subject matter is must.

Keeping in view of all these possible aspects, we, under this scheme, offer the most meticulously designed, scientific, innovative, dynamic and exhaustive detailed package programmes. In addition to these, Academy conducts regular rigorous written test to fine-tune critical, analytical and precise writing skills, with a view to ensure perfect proficiency in the subject-matter. Our due stress is specially on threadbare analysis and conceptual clarification of all topics of syllabus.

Second Stage: Second stage of preparation is exclusively Prelim(s) oriented. For your kind information contemporary examination trends both at Prelim(s) and Main(s) level are changing. As of now a number of Prelim9s) questions are based on conceptual themes which require overall threadbare conceptual clarification on Main(s)pattern. Hence it is advised to the candidates that instead of evolving ad hoc approach simply based on factual or informative lines they should develop wider perspective of the subject matter. Against this backdrop with our best efforts, candidates, in the Academy, are made to evolve an integrated approach of preparation both for Main(s) as well as Prelim(s) under Integrated Foundation Course Guidance Programme (IFC).

Main(s) Guidance Programme
Main(s) Guidance programme is of about three to five months time span. Lectures and discussions on important themes of syllabus are supplemented with model questions based on the pattern of Main(s) questions. Syllabus is covered selectively with due stress (mostly) on those topics which are important from the Main(s) examination point of views of the year concerned. Candidates are properly guided to evolve perfect writing skills with proficiency.

Prelim(s) Guidance Programme
Duration of Prelim(s) Guidance Programme is of about three months. Syllabus is covered thoroughly with due stress on factual as well as conceptual approach. Since Prelim(s) examination is of objective types regular questions test series are conducted.

Postal Guidance Package Programme
The Academy offers Postal Package Programme both for Prelim(s) & Main(s) specifically for those candidates who for certain reasons, are not able to avail the facility of our class-room Guidance Programme. The Postal Guidance Programme is highly meticulously and scientifically designed packaged both for Civil Services examination as well as Public Services Exams. The Study Materials are computerized and printed.

Distance Guidance Programme
The Academy offers Distance Guidance Programme for those candidates who for certain reasons are not able to avail our regular class package programme. Under DGP, in addition to correspondence study materials students are provided proper guidelines for preparation of different types of answers as per recent trends of Civil Services Examination. Moreover, students have the facility to appear in the regular Test Series  from their home towns and to get their answer sheets evaluated as on regular basis by sending the same to the Academy by post. The primary objective of this programme is to provide all relevant inputs to the students to fine tune critical, analytical and precise writing skills as required for Civil Services Examination.

Thus, this programme is to facilitate ways for overall assessment of the candidates by evolving an objective and scientific feedback chart as per the yardstick of Civil Services Examination