Rules & Regulations

Candidates are advised to deposite their fees after being thoroughly satisfied with required enquiries.
Candidates are suggested to take note of all factors well in advance which are likely to affect him/her during his/her coaching period of the Academy.
Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances, nor can the same be adjusted for any other courses or fees. In this regard no request at all will be entertained.
n case of personal problem or any other reason if candidate discontines from the course, he/she will not have any claim for the refund of fees or adjustment towards any thing else.
n case of success of candidate photo pasted on the Enrolement form can be used by Academy for advertisement purposes.
Class-time schedule may be changed/adjusted as per convenience of the expert or Academy.
In case of change of class time schedule too candidates will have no claim for refund of fee.
Please note that Academy cordially welcomes only sincere and disciplined candidates. In case of nonseriousness or irregularity or indisciplined traits of candidtes, they can be expelled from the Academy without refund of fees. In all aforesaid matters decision of the managing board of the Academy will be final