Why To Join Po.Science at Apex

Apex under the guidance of Dr. S.K. Singh continues to surge ahead, scaling new height, reaching new milestone and establishing benchmark in the field of CSE with its exclusive speciality in Political Science. The Saga of success continues year after year.

We feel very honoured to share with you the historic achievements of our students in Political Science CSE-07 too:

Our Students – Rahul Katakey RN 49108, & V.M. Kahalate R.N. 27902 - with 174 marks in Paper-I and 192 marks in Paper-II (respectively) have topped in Political Science (CSE-07) in all India Rank (see the details of CSE-07 result of Political Science on our website).

In Top 5 (Rank in Political Science), there are three students (2nd, 4th and 5th rank) from our Academy.

In top 20 (Rank in Political Science), our 7 students secured exceptionally good ranks including 2nd, 4th, 5th, 12th, 1th, 18th, 20th rank and others….

Our most of students have scored 340-350 plus marks in Political Science.

As on average our students have scored 180 plus marks in paper-II. For example V.M. Khalate RN. 27902 (192 Marks) Modak H. Arvind, RN. 160420 (185 Marks), I. Jamir, RN. 12450 (185 Marks), Sibi Chakravarthy M. RN. 99093 (182 Marks), Rahul Katakey (180 marks) etc.

Similarly in paper-I also most of our students have scored 170 plus marks.

Notably all these students have opted Political Science as IInd optional paper.

It would be wise enough to join Political Science only at ‘Apex’ because
DR.  S. K.  SINGH   is   the   Only   Expert

With over two decades of teaching experience for Political Science Civil Services aspirants;
Whose most of students have secured more than 360 marks in Political Science;
Whose many of students with Political Science as one optional have been rank holders over the years in IAS/PCS including ALOK RANJAN JHA 1st rank IAS Topper, 2001;
Who is teaching Political Science in the UNIVERSITY OF DELHI,DELHI;
Who authored almost one dozen of books;
Who is the recipient of topmost ICSSR award for his pioneer work titled “Power Politics: A Global Map for the New Millennium”
Who published his book titled, “The World in Transition”, a work which has been acknowledged by eminent scholars as one of the pioneer work of India on International Relation (For details see THE STATESMAN, dated 8th March, 2002);
Who is the recipient of East-West Fellowship Award, National Merit Fellowship Award, ICSSR Ph.D., Fellowship Award etc.
Whose another book titled, “Crumbling Indian Democracy” is under publication from Oxford University Press, London;
Whose most of the books are available on Internet;
Whose another book titled U.N. Role in Post Gulf War Era: Retrospect & Prospects, is likely to be published very soon.
Who has been the sub-editor of MAINSTREAM weekly journal having editing experience with noted journalist, late Nikhil Chakravarty, former Chairman of Prasar Bharti Board, Govt. of India.
Who is Honorary Director of well-known NGO-APEX FOUNDATION;
Who is President of Radical Humanist club – a sister organization of M.N. Roy’s Radical Humanist Association;
Who is Life member of several academic and professional bodies including American Studies Research Center, Indian Political Science Association, Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi, South-South Solidarity, Delhi etc.
Who has contributed numerous articles to various journals of National and International repute;
Who has presented a number of research papers to various National and International seminars, symposium and workshops