Why To Opt for Pol.Science


In view of the fact that almost 2/3rd (i.e. almost 625 marks out of 1000 marks) of the
total IAS new G.S. areas are directly related to Political Science including G.S. Paper II
(namely Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice & International Relation consisting
of 250 marks), Political Science, under the new pattern, emerges as the most indispensable
optional paper as a gateway to overall success almost at all levels (Prelims, Mains & interview)
of Civil Service Examination.
Political Science is a safe optional paper even for the non-Political Science candidates
or freshers. In fact, even those students who don’t have the background of Political Science can
opt and score exceptionally good marks.
Notably, out of 1000 marks in G.S., almost 625 marks is related to Political Science. Infact, G.S. Paper II namely Governance, constitution, Polity, Social Justice & International Relations (consisting of 250 marks) is a part & parcel of none but Political Science. Moreover,almost 50% of areas of each G.S. Paper also (i.e. G.S. Paper I including Political Philosophies like Communism, Capitalism, socialism, G.S. Paper III especially Security related topics as well as G.S. IV) are related to the stream of Political Science.
Not to mention that no optional subject other than Political Science covers such a vast ambit (i.e. almost 2/3rd) of G.S. syllabus. Moreover in Essay Paper (i.e. 200 marks) and Interview (i.e. 275 marks) also Political Science is exceptionally helpful. It implies that out of the total marks of 1975 in CSE/IAS exam, almost 1500 marks (625 marks in G.S. + 200 marks in Essay + 275 marks in Interview + 500 marks of Political Science as optional paper) is related to Political Science. Thus not very surprisingly, under the new pattern
almost 75% of the total CSE syllabus is related to Political Science. Of course, you require approximately 50 to 55% marks for being selected as an IAS in CSE. Thus Political science helps you to score reasonably good marks almost at all levels of Civil Services Examination. Selection of Political Science as an optional paper, therefore, gives you a definite edge over other optional.
No other subject is so relevant and has multiple spin offs.